How to Build a List

How to motivate non engaging subscribers to take take action? You need to find a way to create a buzz among your readers and potential subscribers so that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and they feel compelled to act. How do you do this without becoming a pushy salesman and without appearing desperate? Well, it is a matter of being clear.

The first thing is to decide what you want your subscribers to do. Do you want them to subscribe to you or to someone else’s product? Would you like them to share your content or to generate leads for you? If you want people to subscribe to you, you need to be clear about the benefits of subscribing. The same goes for the way you want them to act. Are you talking to people who are already on your mailing list? Or would you prefer that they go out and find someone new to add to your list? What type of content do you want them to write? Do you want them to blog? Submit articles to platforms such as Akasha? Create an online course? Submit products to Amazon? Do you want them to share your articles or products?

The second thing is to create a way for your subscribers to access your message. Have you set up a website? Or are you using blogs and social networks to communicate? Have you subscribed to a newsletter service? These are all ways for you to deliver your message. And you need to do this consistently and reliably to build a list. Finally you need to set up a way for people to communicate with you. Have you set up an email address for your list? Or are you using things such as email lists or blog comments? Have you set up a way for people to contact you?

These are all methods of communicating with your prospective subscribers and potential leads. You need to decide if any of these is right for you and whether they work for you.

If you are looking to reach a large number of people with your work, do not worry about having a huge mailing list. If you are looking to build a list that can sell products, set up system that consistently works for you. Set up systems that are reliable and consistent. If you want people to generate leads for you, ensure that you consistently and successfully answer your phone calls and send out follow-up emails. If you want people to buy your products and services, ensure that you consistently work to collect orders.

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